About me

My name is Arantzazu Martinez and I’m an aspiring 3D artist hoping to make it into the video games and animation industry. Welcome to my page!

For as long as I remember I have loved art in it's many shape and forms. I like to say I have been lucky enough to dedicate my career to my biggest passion in life by studying animation and digital art. Throughout my studies I have developed many new skills both in a professional environment and as an artist. I also learned about the different ways in which art has evolved and still today I keep being impressed by them everyday.  I consider myself a multifaceted person who loves both technical subjects and artistic ones, which I have been able to balance thanks to that.


In my free time I also love videogames, even though I wish I had more time to play them, and photography, which I wish could learn more about. I am a huge fan of comic books and I would love to one day have the chance to take part in making one. Every once in a while, I really enjoy travelling outside of my country, mostly because I love trying food from other places. I´m not the best cook even though I love preparing dishes, but when it comes to tasting I´m an expert.


However, above all I would say my biggest hobby has always been learning new things. No matter what and in which way. I have loved to learn to be more disciplined with my work and I have also loved learning 3D. I believe learning in any shape or form is the most rewarding thing in life.

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